VOILÀ Reward Redemption

VOILÀ members can use their VOILÀ Points to redeem a free room night at any participating VOILÀ hotel.

The system is both dynamic and advanced. Based on the actual price of the room at the time of booking:

  • If a room is available to purchase, it is also available for redemption
  • Members can redeem Award nights for any room category and can easily pinpoint the number of points required for each Award night redemption
  • Hotels may take advantage of flexible Award night redemption blackout dates (top elite-tier members are not subject to blackout dates)
  • A dynamic formula determines redemption value and redemption fee paid to hotel, and are subject to change based on promotions and changes of the program Terms and Conditions



Hotels are reimbursed for Award Nights based on pre-established reward fees.

For additional information regarding redemption fees and hotel reimbursements please contact us.