Enjoy Higher Profit Margins

Voilà delivers concrete, measurable return on investment for participating hotels. Instead of merely acting as a solution to retain customers, Voilà also generates new and incremental revenue for the hotel. Revenue generated from Voilà members has a higher profit margin and allows hotels to retain control of their pricing and distribution channels.

The Benefits

The advantages of Voilà outweigh the program costs for the following reasons:

  • Increased revenues and occupancy from existing customers
  • Incremental revenue and occupancy from new customers acquired through the Voilà network
  • Improved Average Daily Rate by at least 15%
  • Low start-up fee
  • Automated and low administrative fees – lower than mega-brand fees
  • Lower dependency on third party bookings resulting in lower cost of sales
  • Lower advertising and marketing costs
  • Global exposure
  • Access to a large member database that can be mined for new business
  • A competitive edge against mega-brands
  • The synergy of a worldwide hotel marketing network

Return On Investment (ROI) is not just a passing concept, but the primary purpose of the Voilà Hotel Rewards program. Each year, the hotel and Voilà Hotel Rewards, will analyze the ROI and review:

  • Incremental stays from existing Voilà Hotel Rewards members
  • Incremental stays from new customer generated by the Voilà Hotel Rewards program
  • New group sales leads Average Daily Rate increases
  • Hotels annual cost savings for: advertising, distribution, and technology costs
  • Hotels annual cost savings for third party commission, net rate or opaque bookings, and reservation fees