VOILÀ Customer Relationship Management Technology


VOILÀ’s multilingual web-based application was designed in collaboration with hoteliers, so its functionality and flexibility are built specifically for the hotel industry. There is no software to load, therefore no system maintenance is ever required from a hotel. HMC maintains the CRM Partner Portal environment, including data storage, back up, upgrades, and continual development and improvement of the application.

CRM Demonstration Website – username/password: contact us for a demo


VOILÀ’s CRM Partner Portal system has the capability to:

  • Synchronise guest history information from hotel’s PMS
  • Execute Direct mail and Email campaigns
  • Access the global membership database and select specific audience profiles for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Generate comprehensive reporting of member usage, key metrics and trend analysis, with the capability to drill down for varying levels of detail
  • Merge local memberships with the VOILÀ hotel rewards program
  • Manage guest profiles and purge duplicates
  • Verify address information (where available)
  • Maintain guest preferences such as room type, stay history, along with name, address, frequent membership numbers and total spend
  • Email statements electronically
  • Store and access member lodging, food and beverage preferences
CRM Profile

CRM Profile Page


VOILÀ’s unique technology drastically reduces the cost of labour typically incurred by hotels to maintain an in-house or regional loyalty program. By executing direct mail and email campaigns on demand, the hotel also has the opportunity to capture new and incremental business with real-time results.

VOILÀ’s CRM Partner Portal system also includes key program reports and operational functionalities that allow hotels to:

  • Verify booked reservations linked to membership level, member data, and preferences
  • Recognize members: Know which members are on-property and who’s booked a reservation
  • Enroll members and credit points
  • Access/update member preferences
  • Access reports such as bookings, redemptions, average stays, travel patterns and frequency
  • View program financials
  • Contact VOILÀ customer service
  • Load special offers all at no extra cost

HMC’s proprietary, cutting-edge CRM Partner Portal technology is a state-of-the-art system that is available to participating VOILÀ hotels at no cost.