To access the VOILÀ CRM, please follow the steps below. If you need help, please contact us.

  1. As of May 2017, CMR users are now authenticated through the HMC Vault system.
  2. Users will need to follow a simple process to register with the HMC vault system after logging in to VOILÀ CRM using their current provided credentials:
  3. As soon as users log in to CRM, they will be prompted to register on the HMC Vault system. Users cannot use CRM without completing this registration.
    The registration process begins by providing the user’s primary email address for account creation as password recovery, followed by the user’s mobile phone number.
  4. To confirm the user’s identity, we use a two-way authentication process. A valid pass code is sent to the user’s registered cell phone via SMS. Hence it is mandatory that the user provides a working mobile phone number.
  5. Users need to ensure that they have inserted their mobile phone number, with the correct country codes.
  6. The system is designed to help the user select their residing country (with a flag icon) which substitutes for the country code, and the user needs to continue adding the area code and full mobile phone number. The system checks the mobile number and – if the format is correct – they system displays a green “check mark”:
  7. The user will be logged out of CRM after completing this form, and by clicking the “close” button:
  8. The user will receive a “password reset” email and an SMS text with the pass code required to complete the user credentials setup. Text message may not be received instantly, and may be delayed based on the mobile operator.
  9. Clicking on the link in the email received by the user will advance the user to the password creation page. After the successfully password set up and validation, the user can navigate back to the CRM portal and login with their new credentials.


  1. Password reset option is provided to only those users who have successfully registered on the vault system. The “Forgot your password” on the CRM main page will be visible for those previously authenticated with the HMC Vault system.