Cobblestone Rewards VIP Enrollment Campaign

Thank you for providing this information for the Cobblestone Rewards VIP Campaign. The information you provide about your best guests will ensure they receive bonus points and Elite Tier status when invited to join the Cobblestone Rewards program.

The objective of this campaign is to enroll these past guests into the new Cobblestone Rewards program. As a guideline, please assign Elite Tier status as follows (if you are not sure which tier to assign a member, please use your best judgment and whatever criteria you desire!):

  • For the top 15% of your guests, we’ll offer Platinum Elite Tier status & 2,500 points
  • For the next 15% of your guests, we’ll offer Gold Elite Tier status & 1,500 points
  • The remaining guests will be offered Silver Tier status & 1,000 points

Please contact if you have any questions or if you would like to submit this information via spreadsheet. Thanks again!

VIP Guest Information

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