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  • Do you feel the squeeze from all the advantages global chain hotel operators receive from their powerhouse loyalty programs?
  • Are the huge commissions paid to OTAs cutting too deep into your profit margins?
  • Is there a way to remain independent, grow profits, and still manage to level the playing field against the global chains?

With VOILÀ, you will!

With more than 20 years experience operating premium loyalty programs around the world, our customized solutions deliver results that will keep your rooms – and your hotel’s bank account – full.


And you’ll gain a time-tested, proven loyalty platform with one clear vision: Enhancing the long-term profitability of your best and most loyal guests through a low-cost, pay-for-performance model.

You’ll join forces with an ever-expanding global network of prestigious independent four- and five-star hotels and a growing portfolio of premium redemption partners for your members.

You’ll receive one easy, quick-to-implement turnkey solution that dramatically reduces overhead and increases your profits.

Most importantly, in VOILA you’ll have a partner that always listens to your hotel’s needs.

Compare VOILÀ’s value proposition with those of travel agents and OTAs who take inflated commissions ranging from 10 to 25 percent for simple bookings.

Loyalty is both scarce and prized in today’s market.

With VOILÀ, your guests can enjoy tangible rewards that provide them with good reasons to remain devoted to your hotel brand.

Experience why the frequency-guest hotel loyalty program that’s the easiest to implement is also the most effective.

Give your hotel a global voice.

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