About VOILÀ Hotel Rewards

VOILÀ is the world’s number one loyalty program that unites hundreds of select independent hotels comprising over 30 select global hotel brands. The program first launched in 2008 and has developed a reputation among travelers who like to stay in original, up-market independent properties for its compelling promotions, ease of use and simple, quick redemption process.

VOILÀ Hotel Partners

VOILÀ’s co-branded, fully customized guest loyalty programs support travelers who frequent hotels and groups including .

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VOILÀ’s points-based frequency guest program provides recognition benefits and room redemption opportunities at participating network hotels. But unlike big chain programs, VOILÀ enables independent hotel groups to maintain their branding and unique qualities. To achieve this, VOILÀ provides hotel- or group-branded solutions for our partner hotels, with VOILÀ acting as the supporting brand (similar to Star Alliance or OneWorld for frequent flyer programs). VOILÀ’s global presence allows members to earn and redeem points across a wide variety of hotels and redemption partners in the VOILÀ global network. From the consumer’s perspective, this means members can enjoy the rich experiences and extraordinary qualities independent hotels offer while earning points and receiving benefits typically tied to big chain loyalty programs.

VOILÀ’s Redemption Partners

In addition to Award Night rewards, VOILÀ’s members benefit by redeeming their points with a large number of global redemption partners, including .

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Three Decades of Hotel Loyalty Experience

VOILÀ is operated by Hospitality Marketing Concepts (HMC), the leading provider of premium loyalty programs to approximately 1,250 hotels and resorts worldwide. HMC employs a global team of 400 loyalty experts with offices spanning more than 50 countries in different regions across the globe.

Founded in 1988, HMC’s world-class management team has consistently demonstrated its ability to profitably manage loyalty programs through strategic geographic growth and investment in the development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and proprietary operational technologies.

And, most importantly, HMC has been producing results – consistently increasing revenues and profits for our hotel partners for nearly 30 years.

More information about HMC may be found on the company’s website, HMCloyalty.com.

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