VOILÀ Hotel Rewards Adds Kiva as a Reward Partner – Giving Members the Opportunity to Empower Low-Income Individuals Around the Globe

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – VOILÀ Hotel Rewards, the world’s number one loyalty program for independent hotels, today announced a partnership with Kiva, its newest non-profit reward partner.

Kiva is a non-profit organization working to alleviate poverty around the world by connecting people through microlending. By lending as little as $25 you are helping people create new opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities. Lenders can choose how their funds are applied – whether to a farmer in Peru, a fisherman in Indonesia, or a seamstress in Cambodia – and as a loan is repaid, the lender’s money is returned. Kiva has found small loans can result in great changes in lives around the globe.

“Kiva is a powerful and sustainable way to empower those in need who are lifting themselves out of poverty,” said Jason Riggs, PR Director of Kiva. “We are proud to partner with VOILÀ Hotel Rewards and give their members a unique opportunity to better the lives of people in regions, such as Indonesia and Thailand, where VOILÀ hotels and resorts are currently located.”

Beginning today, VOILÀ members will be able to convert their VOILÀ points into micro-loans on Kiva. Once the loan is made, members receive updates on how the money was applied, be notified when the loan is repaid, and have the option to reinvest.

“Our philanthropic vision is to provide meaningful ways for members to give back to their communities,” said Peter Gorla, VOILÀ Hotel Rewards vice president and chief marketing officer. “Improving socio-economic conditions and giving back to local communities – many where VOILÀ partner hotels are found – is the right thing to do. Together with our members, we can help create a more sustainable future for everyone. We are excited to offer yet another innovative way our members can use their reward points.”

To redeem points for a Kiva loan, visit www.vhr.com/default.aspx?p=95. Or if you prefer to donate to Kiva directly, please visit http://www.kiva.org. Membership in VOILÀ Hotel Rewards is free, learn more at www.vhr.com.

About Kiva

Kiva is a non-profit organization working to alleviate poverty by connecting people around the world through microlending. With as little as a $25 loan, anyone can help a borrower create new opportunities for themselves and their family. Together with more than 700,000 Kiva lenders and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva has created economic opportunity for more than 730,000 borrowers. Since its inception in 2005, Kiva lenders have funded more than $300 million in loans with a 98.9% repayment rate. Kiva is headquartered in San Francisco. www.kiva.org

About VOILÀ Hotel Rewards

VOILÀ (www.voilahotels.com) is the world’s number one loyalty program that unites a network of more than 250 four- and five-star independent hotels and luxury brands. The program first launched in 2008 and has developed a reputation among travelers who like to stay in original, up-market independent properties for its compelling promotions, ease of use and simple, quick redemption process.

VOILÀ’s co-branded, fully customized guest loyalty programs support travelers who frequent Starling Hotels, Rosedale Hotel Group, Hotéis Othon, Deville Hotels, St Giles New York, Swissbel Hotels and Resorts, Kayumanis, Nevsky Hotel Grand, Great Hotels Organisation, Coral Hotels & Resorts, Hoteles Lucerna, Husa Hotels, Amari hotels & resorts and the Lexington Collection of Hotels, Inns and Suites.

VOILÀ’s points-based frequency guest program provides recognition benefits and room redemption opportunities at participating network hotels. But unlike big chain programs, VOILÀ enables independent hotel groups to stay independent and maintain their unique qualities.

VOILÀ provides hotel- or group-branded solutions for our partner hotels, with VOILÀ acting as the supporting brand (similar to Star Alliance or OneWorld for FFP’s). This allows members to earn and redeem points across a wide variety of hotels and redemption partners in the VOILÀ global network.

From the consumer’s perspective, this means members can enjoy the rich experiences and extraordinary qualities independent hotels offer while earning points and receiving benefits typically tied to big chain loyalty programs. For more information, please visit: www.vhr.com (member website), facebook.com/VOILArewards & twitter.com/voila_rewards.

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